Follow the body language, listen, get full of new emotions

Immerse yourself in the indoor pool (7.5x6.5 m) and let it sink from its waters. The large windows offer an exceptional view of the Presanella Glacier

Making the sauna is a rite to be discovered. Preview Summer 2017: New Sauna Outdoor Overviewing the Presanella Peak

4 Houses of Wellness: Relax and Energize... Find yourself!!!

Weekly Wellness

18.00 Special Aufguss Cembro Pine and Pine
18.00 Special Wellness Event in Turkish Bath: Scrub at Alpine Herbs
18.00 Special Aufguss Orange and Cinnamon
19.00 NEW event on reservation: The Gong bath
18.00 Special Wellness Event in Turkish Bath: Honey Scrub
18.00 Special Aufguss Mint and Herbs


The beneficial and relaxing effect of massages has been known for millennia, energy blocks and the associated disorders are among the most popular diseases in the world. With a good massage you get prevention and you can do real miracles: fatigue, tensions, weakness, daily nervousness are caused by stress. Massages based on essences of beneficial and natural oils stimulate regeneration pleasantly, relieve stress, lift up morality and revitalize, promoting a complete well-being and harmonizing body and spirit.

* Total body massage
* Half body massage
* Treatments

Download the brouchure

Relax packages

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